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How to Use a Freelance Marketer (to Grow Your Coaching Business x10 Faster)

Updated: Mar 24

So, you've got a growing business or you are starting-up a business and you just can't keep on top of everything you should be doing on the marketing front.

You're busy networking, offering your core services, products or goods, looking after current clients, running your team and doing your finances, whilst also finding the time to walk the dog, sleep and spend time with your family.

You need some help, but how do you find the right freelance marketing consultant to help your business grow?

You don't want someone inexperienced that could damage your brand but also you don't want to be paying out over the odds or funding services you don't need.

Thinking about hiring a freelance marketing consultant to grow your business and looking for a guide? I've got you!

Let's jump right in.

1. Your custom is super important

When I worked for bigger marketing agencies, we had a LOT of clients that we would juggle all at one time. And usually, the ones that paid us the most money every month was where the focus was. Some of the smaller customers, where we could make a bigger difference, sometimes got overlooked.

When you are working with a freelancer, your business is super important to them. They put their heart and soul into the work they do for you and often do lots of little added extras to help your business grow. Without you, they wouldn't be able to freelance, so they are dedicated to your business. Every business I work with is absolutely vital to my own business.

2. You have a closer working relationship

I love getting to know the business owners I work with; their goals, their interests and their drive and passions. The relationship you have with a freelance consultant is often way more personal than working with a larger agency.

Yes, you can bond with your account manager at an agency, but when that contact moves on, you have to start building relations all over again. That's so frustrating! Also, your business can end up being a small fish in a very large pond.

With a freelancer, your business is a large fish in a small pond. And freelancers have more scope to decide which clients they work with. So if they are feeling the right vibes with you and your company, it's a good sign. I am more attracted to an interesting business than to a large fee. I want to work for businesses I resonate with.

It's wonderful to build a relationship with a freelance supplier; often they become a 'remote' part of your core team. And the more you get to know each other, the stronger the relationship and the longer the relationship.

3. A freelancer is very accessible

So, freelancing is a pretty awesome way of life because you can choose your clients and you can also (within reason) choose your working hours. I enjoy my work so much, I will often work in the evenings as well as the day.

Obviously I can't vouch for every freelancer out there. But if you enjoy what you do, it doesn't feel like work. I usually focus on client work in the day and then do my own marketing and admin bits in the evening.

I am usually available to my clients outside of the 'normal' 9am-5pm working hours. I speak to a lot of my customers via WhatsApp often way after 5pm.

The client will message me a brief or an idea they have had, we will ping each other some messages to work up a concept and the plan comes alive right there and then.

So much of my client correspondence is now done on WhatsApp; it's crazy! But it's what works best for my clients. They are often busy running their businesses in the day and then are thinking about their marketing and their own admin in the evening.

I even chat to suppliers such as the web team at Wix (they are in the US so my early evening time is their afternoon) and also local photographers and videographers, who might be out on shoots in the day and then catching up with emails and quotes in the evening.

4. Turnaround speeds tend to be quicker

Again, this is something I can't really measure, but from experience I feel work can get turned round a bit quicker using a freelancer. An agency will usually have a couple of weeks work already locked in.

They also have difference people doing different tasks (more on this later). For example a project manager, a designer, a developer, a copywriter, a videographer. So trying to shoehorn in an extra piece of unplanned work is a lot harder. Not impossible, but certainly a lot harder than if you work with a freelancer.

Sure, I have planned work, but I try not to overburden myself with too much in case my current clients need a buffer for a last-minute project.

5. You can scale up or down as needed

Flexibility and freelancers work hand in hand. The beauty of working with a freelance marketer is that - generally speaking - there are no long-term contracts to get bogged down with. And no one likes to be tied in.

If you have busier periods you can scale your freelancer up, and if you have quieter periods you can scale them back down. I offer monthly packages but also a range of one-off 'pay-as-you-go' services to keep things flexible for my customers.

6. You benefit from 'many skills under one hat'

OK, this is a big one. If you are working with an experienced freelancer you will usually find that they are multi-skilled. Take me, for example. I have worked in marketing in some form or other for over 17 years now. I know, I don't look old enough. You flatter me. No...please stop. Lol.

I started my career in writing and PR, then got stuck into email marketing, then web. I've also taught myself graphic design, SEO, social media strategy, digital PR, ecommerce, video editing, photography and vlogging. A lot of these services interlink.

For example, for social media management you need to create digital graphics and you need to get a month's worth of images (I hate stock shots and avoid generic images as much as humanly possible).

When writing engaging blog posts (ahem, like this one), it's handy to have SEO knowledge to help get your articles actually found and read online. And you also need image, video and audio assets for the blog post content.

Imagine if you had to pay to hire different people to supply all those services? Plus the time to actually manage all those different experts? Working with a freelancer dramatically cuts your costs and your management time. If you get a good marketing one, hold onto them like gold! They will really help you elevate your business like no one else.

7. Pricing is likely to be lower than larger agencies

The price ranges that were offered by the previous marketing agencies I worked for ranged from about £500 to £1,000 a day. As a freelance marketing consultant I charge around £350 a day.

However, I want my clients to buy as many services from me as possible so I create service bundles, or 'pricing packs', which I find is more effective. It's more cost-friendly to the client and it allows me to work more closely with them. Which is what I really like doing.

8. It's less risk than employing a full-time person

A freelancer is not an employee. So you don't have to worry about employment contracts, holiday and all that jazz. If they are not the right fit for any reason, you can simply hire someone else. Overall, it's a less risky choice.

9. You get the benefit of them working with other clients

Sharing best practice is one of the major benefits of working with a freelance marketer. The benefit of me offering services to varying clients, is that I get share a tactic, tip or method that worked well with client, to my other customers. Having your freelancer working with other clients can actually benefit you. As long as it's not with any competitors, 'natch.

10. Quality control and customer service

This is genius. By using a freelancer, the quality control and customer service comes directly from the business owner who is also doing the work. Because the freelancer IS the business, they want the quality to be good and want you to get great customer service. This is so you will keep using them and refer them onto your business friends.

Has this guide made you think about hiring a marketing freelancer? I'd love to hear your views.

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